Hot Brown Smackdown is a 6-piece jamgrass ensemble from the great city of Louisville, KY.  Hot Brown has delighted concert/festival goers for years, combining brightly textured, hard-driving, POWERFUL bluegrass polyphony with high-energy groove and soul.  They love what they do, and it’s evident at every show with their energy, enthusiasm, and their connection with the crowd.  They’re here to have fun and spread the love, and the audience always reciprocates in full!

Bucky Geissler
Bucky GeisslerDrums / Vocals
“I’ve been playing guitar for 18 years, and I dabble a bit in piano. I’ve been singing professionally since 2008 in the funk band Fusionary. I joined Hot Brown Smackdown in early 2013 and learned how to play drums (another guitarist wasn’t needed). I love and appreciate all genres of music and draw a lot of influence from rock, funk, and jazz. Over the last 4 or 5 years I’ve really fallen in love with bluegrass/jamgrass music, and it’s now become a big influence on me as well.”
Anthony Le
Anthony LeGuitar / Vocals
“I started playing guitar at age 12 and have branched out as a multi-instrumentalist over the years picking up bass, drums, mandolin, banjo, and a random assortment of others.”
Patrick Schroering
Patrick SchroeringMandolin / Vocals
“Ive been playing guitar for 15 years, mandolin for 4. Got into bluegrass working as a sound engineer, and fell in love with the progressiveness of it, but love other forms of country and rock and roll.”
John Blum
John BlumBanjo / Vocals
John started his musical journey with an acoustic guitar and a dream to be like jimmy page and Eric Clapton. In 2011 the bluegrass vibes took hold and he took up banjo, and sometimes dabbles in dobro and harmonica.
Justin Cecil
Justin CecilBass / Vocals
Playing electric & upright bass for 16 years, amongst other instruments, Justin is influenced from all genres of music. A member of the White Russians for 4 years, he rambled with various local musicians over past decade.
Myron Koch
Myron KochSaxophone
Myron has played saxophone and other things with a long list of talented and distinguished musicians, including Vessel, Dark Side of the Wall, Blu-Bop (a Flecktones tribute), Hot Brown Smackdown, and a host of other characters bearing varying degrees of fame and talent. Check out his projects at